We Miss You!

Long time no speak, folks! So sorry about that. We’ve been very busy over here, finishing the film. Good news, though: it is done!

It’s been quite the journey to completion, but we couldn’t be more proud of the finished product, and hope you’ll share our enthusiasm once the Kickstarter rewards start shipping out at the end of September.

Reminder: if you haven’t filled out your backer survey, please do it ASAP so we can get you all your cool stuff!

The team is now beginning to submit to film festivals for our inevitable 2013 premiere and are very excited to see where the film plays.

Head over to the Making Of page for some awesome behind-the-scenes videos to whet your appetite for the film. Our EPK team did a fantastic job putting together a whole series of videos. We’ve been releasing them weekly, and have two more to go, for a total of five. Kickstarter backers receiving the Special Edition DVD will get all the videos plus two exclusive behind-the-scenes videos that will not be released online until next year. Nifty, right?

Thanks to everyone for all your support so far. Onward!



About Elijah the Prophet

From the award winning script comes Elijah the Prophet, a short film presented by the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition. Produced by David Cormican Directed by James Cooper Written by Zachary & Jesse Herrmann

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