That’s a Wrap!

Ho-ly shit! That’s a wrap!

2:48am as we ship out our equipment on the second and final day of production, and it’s been incredible.

The debt I owe my cast and crew is insurmountable, and I thank each of them from the bottom of my heart.

Art Hindle brought Elijah to life in a way I could have only dreamed, and my fantastic Director of Photography, Alwyn Kumst brought his A game, creating shots beyond what I thought we’d ever see when we set out to make the film.

No production is without hiccups, however, and we ended up having to make some tough decisions tonight after unforeseen circumstances lead to our police car being towed only a few shots after we began using it. Through some ingenuity and creative problem solving, though, we made our day with little sacrifice.

When I’ve had more sleep I’ll give a full view of the production, but I am just too excited right now to not write anything.

Thank you for your support and/or interest in the project.

James Cooper


About Elijah the Prophet

From the award winning script comes Elijah the Prophet, a short film presented by the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition. Produced by David Cormican Directed by James Cooper Written by Zachary & Jesse Herrmann

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